Pax Sreekantan (Co-Founder)

PhD in Physics (Nonlinear Dynamics) from the University of Texas at Austin. 14 years as: Technologist, career in Software, Quantitative Finance and High Frequency Trading. Co-Founder of Rational Systems (now Rational Energi). Quant at Deephaven Capital and Old Lane LP.  Most recently Head, European Equities at RGM Advisors. 

Zagros Bigvand (Co-Founder)

Bachelor’s degree (Psychology) from the University of Texas at Austin. Self-made entrepreneur. Founder/CEO of multiple multi-million dollar producing companies. Trained mortgage originator and most recently full time real estate developer/investor specializing in the creation of owner-financed mortgage notes.  

Senthil Sundaram (Co-Founder)

PhD in Physics (Condensed Matter Theory) from the University of Wisconsin, Madison. 20 years: Technologist, Wall Street Professional in systematic hedge fund strategies – trading, portfolio management, CRO (at Two Sigma) and Managing Director roles.